About Us

When we first opened Café de France in November of 2008 after nearly a decade in the food service industry, our mission was simple: serve magnificent French inspired cuisine made from only the freshest, highest quality ingredients; provide our customers the best service possible; and give back to the community by supporting local businesses and buying locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Over the last 5 years, our dedication to this mission and our community has not only helped our small family owned and operated business flourish, it has earned us the respect of our fellow community members.

Fresh, Flavorful and Inspired Cuisine

It is no secret that the French share a passion for exquisite food. Their love of fresh ingredients, brilliant flavors and unique textures has helped make French cuisine world renowned. At Café de France, we strive to follow in the footsteps of France’s celebrated culinary masters by serving traditional, old-world French cuisine with our own distinct American twist. The result is a dining experience reminiscent of a charming and romantic French café, but with a familiarity that is comforting and inviting.

Our passion for great food is evident in everything we do. Not only do we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, we also cook to order to ensure your food is as fresh and delicious as possible. Whenever possible, we strive to make use of locally sourced ingredients. This not only helps to ensure all of our ingredients are at their very best, it also helps to support local businesses and our local economy.

Outstanding Service To Our Customers and the Community

While serving fresh and delicious food is important, it is nothing without great service. Even the best of meals can be ruined by bad service, which is why Café de France is as passionate about our service as we are our food. The people that come through our doors aren’t just customers to us – they are our neighbors, our friends and our family. We treat ever customer with kindness, respect and the exemplary service they deserve. This, in addition to our delectable food, is what makes every dining experience at Café de France truly unforgettable.

Of course, at Café de France we are also extremely grateful for all that the community has given us over the years and we continually strive to give back to the community. Whether it is donating our time or resources to local charities, supporting local businesses or lending a hand to the community, at Café de France supporting the community isn’t an obligation, it’s an honor and simple how we choose to conduct business.

Menu Items and Prices May Change